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Don’t let your finances prevent you from calling an ambulance . . .
Become a member of our Emergency Services Discount Plan (ESDP) today!

The MBA ESDP was created to provide the community with an affordable method to help reduce ambulance costs in the event that they are transported to the hospital by MBA.

If you have insurance, the ESPD will cover the remaining charges not already paid for by most insurance policies. If you do not have insurance, your charges will be reduced by 50%.

For Emergency Services:

*No co-pay will be billed 
*No deducible will be billed 
*Insurance company denials for Emergency Services will be reduced by 50%.
*Uninsured members will be billed and responsible for 50% of their emergency transport.

Savings Example for our ESDP Members

A patient with health insurance:   

*Average Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport, including mileage: $1732.49

*Average insurance benefit: $1385.99

*Balance due to MBA: $346.50

As an ESDP Member, you owe: $0.00 

A patient without health insurance:

*Average Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport, including mileage: $1732.49

*ALS transport charge reduced by 50% -$866.24

As an ESDP Member, you would owe: $866.25

Those eligible to take advantage of our ESDP include insured, or uninsured, individuals and families. Families are considered spouses and children under the age of 18 who reside at the same address. Memberships are renewable yearly.

Current annual membership rates:
Individual Plan: $50
Family Plan: $85

To enroll in an ESDP membership today, call (760) 366-8474 then select Option 3, stop by Station 1 in Joshua Tree during business hours to grab an application or enroll online now!


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